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Gorsenia K356 Gala

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Product Description

Producer: Gorsenia
Brand: Gorsenia
Model: K356 Gala
Wires: YES
Vertical whalebone: NO
Number of horizontal hooks: 3
Number of vertical hooks: 3
Removable straps: NO
Adjustable straps: YES
Slimming: YES
Modeling: YES

Elegant, very comfortable body for ladies with larger breasts who like to feel comfortable. Made of heavyweight microfiber, on the front and sides additionally, underneath, reinforced with a mesh - it perfectly shapes the body silhouette. Vertical stitching on the front beautifully emphasizes the waist line. It has soft cups, the lower parts of which are made of smooth, stable fabric, which ensures perfect collection of the bust from the sides to the center and keeping it in the right place. The upper bowls of this body are made of charming embroidery additionally reinforced with mesh underneath. Beautiful embroidery inserts between the cups and under them - all decorated with a small bow with jewelry. The cups are profiled with a wire surrounding the breasts - the whole makes the breasts perfectly gathered inside, raised and maintain a beautiful, rounded shape, and the center adheres exactly to the breastbone.
Adjustable straps, non-detachable, different widths - depending on the size. Comfortable hook and eye closure.

Composition: 90% polyamide, 7% elastane, 3% polyester.

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