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Gaia BD 534

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Product Description

Producer: Gaia
Brand: Gaia
Model: BD 534
Wires: YES
Vertical whalebone: NO
Number of horizontal hooks: 3
Number of vertical hooks: 3
Fastening place: back
Removable straps: NO
Adjustable straps: YES

Elegant body in a subtle combination of black and beige.
- top of lace cups
- bottom of cups with lace on a beige lining
- the sides of the cups made of stable fabric
- a lovely bow between the cups
- back made of elastic lycra
- non-detachable, adjustable straps, decorated with bows
- back made of elastic lycra
- hook and eye closure, depending on the size, two- or three-row with a three-stage adjustment
- S9 soft bra design
- lace body with beige lining
- vertical inserts made of elastic lycra optically slim the figure
- lace sides
- back made of tulle mesh
- sexy cut on the back
- three-row hook-and-eye closure with a three-step adjustment

Composition: 63% polyamide, 21% polyester, 16% elastane.

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