Pigeon P-573/1 pajamas - blue/white - XL

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Height (cm)
160-166 162-168 164-170 166-172
Bust (cm)
84-88 89-92 93-96 97-100
Waist (cm)
62-68 69-74 75-78 79-82
Hips (cm)
88-93 94-98 99-104 105-109
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Product Description

This is alluring P-573/1 pajamas from the collection of night-clothes brands Pigeon. The set consists of two parts: the loose spaghetti top and tempting shorts with pockets. The blue pajama top is made of soft, pleasant for the body fabric and decorated with lace. Shorts are on elastic band in white color with a charming, colorful clouds pattern. Legs are finished with pink lace. These pajamas beautifully emphasize and expose qualities of women’s body. 

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