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Rules and regulations of the shop


I. Basic information.
1. The rules and regulations relate to the silupo.com Internet shop, mailing and company address address: Vicky Lingerie, 15-166 Białystok, Melchiora Wańkowicza 29, Poland.
2. Terminology used in these rules and regulations:
* Shop - Internet shop at http://silupo.com selling products in its offer via the Internet;
* Working days – all days of the week from Monday to Friday with the exception of public holidays;
* Order fulfilment time – time needed for the Company to prepare the ordered products and to have them sent using the delivery method chosen by the customer;
* Customer – a natural or legal person purchasing products from the Shop and having a customer account;
* Customer Account – customer database including information used to fulfil the placed orders, the history of orders, customer’s preferences with regard to the selected options offered by the Shop as well as data on payments and overpayments for orders;
* Bank transfer – payment made by the Customer at a bank (either via an Internet account or at the bank’s office) or at a post office;
* Electronic transfer – payment made by the Customer from an online bank account using Pay-Pal or other online payment systems.

II. Accepting and fulfilling orders.
1. The Shop sells products and renders services via the Internet. Information on the products offered by the Shop can be found at silupo.com.
2. Customers’ orders are accepted via the silupo.com website.
3. By placing an order Customers enter into an agreement with the Shop on the sales of the ordered products.
4. When placing an order, Customers:
a. select the ordered products,
b. indicate the method of delivery, delivery address and address for the invoice (the addresses may differ),
c. select a method of payment.
5. An order will be fulfilled if the products are available from a warehouse or from the Shop’s suppliers. If some of the ordered products are not available, the Customer is informed about the current stage of the order fulfilment and decides how the order should further be fulfilled (fulfilment of part of the order or cancelation of the entire order).
6. If the products are not available (from the warehouse of from the Company’s suppliers) and if the Customer’s order cannot be fulfilled, the Shop is entitled to terminate the agreement within 30 (thirty) days from the date of its conclusion. If the predicted order fulfilment time exceeds 30 (thirty) days, the Shop has the right to terminate the agreement within the predicted order fulfilment period. If the Customer has already paid for the products, the Shop returns the payment to the Customer within 14 (fourteen) calendar days from the date of cancelation of the order.
7. As a limited number of products are earmarked for special offers and sales, orders for these products are fulfilled based on the order in which the confirmed orders for these products were received, until the stock of these products lasts.
8. A VAT invoice is issued for each order.

III. Changes to orders.
1. The Customer may make changes to the order until it has been fulfilled (i.e. until it has been sent). The Customer may cancel the whole order until it is sent.
2. The above-mentioned changes can be made by e-mail: office@vickylingerie.com. Changes to orders will only take effect after the Customer has been confirmed as the owner of the account.

IV. Product prices.
1. All product prices listed on the Shop’s website are in EUR, GBP, USD, DKK, CHF, CAD, AUD and include VAT.
2. The price given for each product is binding on the Customer when placing an order.
3. The Shop reserves the right to change the prices of the products offered by the Shop, add new products to its offer, conduct and cancel and make changes to promotion campaigns on the Shop’s website. This right does not affect the prices of the products that were ordered prior to the date on which the change in prices and rules on promotion campaigns and sales took effect.
4. The products are delivered in a way that was chosen by the Customer and indicated in the order. The current table with information on delivery costs is available at http://silupo.com/shipping_cost

V. Order lead time
1. The estimated time of preparing an order for shipping shall be provided next to each of the products. This is the time between taking an order and preparing packages to be shipped from the Shop, according to the delivery manner chosen by the Customer; it includes only the working days. Product orders of different delivery time shall be shipped after the entire order has been completed; delivery date shall be determined with regard to the product of the longest delivery time.
2. Depending on the Customer’s choice, made when placing an order, orders are either mailed by Polish Post or UPS courier company to the address specified by the Customer.
3. The Shop notifies that in December, before Christmas, the choice of delivery manner may be limited.
4. Manners and delivery time within the European Union, as declared by the deliverer:
a. Polish Post: priority mail – estimated delivery time: 10 working days,
b. UPS courier company: estimated delivery time: 2-5 working days.
The above stated delivery time is the delivery time declared by post and courier company.
5. Manners and delivery time beyond the European Union, as declared by the deliverer:
a. Polish Post: priority mail – estimated delivery time: 1-2 weeks,
b. POCZTEX courier company: estimated delivery time: 2-4 working days.
The above stated delivery time is the delivery time declared by post and courier company.
6. The Shop shall not be held responsible for the failure in delivery or delayed delivery due to incorrect or imprecise address provided by the Customer.

VI. Payment manners, overpayments, underpayments
1. Payment for goods may be made by e-transfer, bank transfer or a store card. In case of the above mentioned payment manners, an order shall be processed immediately after the Shop has received a payment confirmation from a payment operator.
2. In case of specific products, the Shop reserves the right to exclude some delivery manners and forms of payment.
3. In case of overpayments in a Customer’s account that arose on account of the payment for ordered goods, the Customer may decide to use an overpayment for doing shopping at the Shop or have it returned. An overpayment shall be paid into the bank account specified by the Customer or to the Customer’s store card or to the PayPal account. If
the Customer has paid by card, money shall be returned to the card. If the Customer has paid by PayPal, money shall be returned to PayPal account. The Shop does not return overpayments by post.
4. We accept the following cards: Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard, Maestro, MasterCard Electronic.

VII. Complaints
1. All goods available at the Shop are from legal sources and are original products.
2. Should there be any incompatibility between goods and the agreement, a Customer has the right to lodge a complaint at the Shop. In such a case, the questioned goods shall be sent to the following shop’s address:

Vicky Lingerie
ul. Wańkowicza 29
15-166 Białystok

Invoice and description of the product faults shall be attached to the shipped goods.
3. Complaints shall be considered no later than within 14 days from the date of having been provided with the goods that the complaint refers to. Should the complaint be accepted, the faulty goods shall be repaired or replaced with different, full value goods; if the above is impossible (for example, because of stock-out), the Shop shall return to the Customer equivalent of the good price or offer the Customer to choose different goods available at the Shop. Expenses connected with the shipment of goods that a Customer has complained about shall be returned by the Shop immediately after positive consideration of the complaint.
4. A Customer may not complain about the differences in the image of delivered and ordered goods – seen on the Shop’s online site which may result from different display settings (parameters) of the Customer’s computer screen.

5. A Customer has the right to lodge a complaint within 2 years after the purchase, providing it has notified the Shop about the fault within two months after finding an incompatibility between
the goods and the agreement.

VIII. Right of withdrawal from the agreement.
1. Customer may, within 14 days from receiving a good or goods, purchased at the Shop, return it, without giving any reason.
The above is possible only if the goods have not been in any way used and damaged. Returned products must be complete. Factory-sealed goods may not be returned once the foil and protections have been removed and the package has been damaged.
2. An invoice and return form that can be downloaded from: http://silupo.com/return_policy shall be attached to the returned goods.
3. The Shop shall return money for the returned goods within 7 working days, according to the overpayment refund rules described in Section VI “Payment manners and overpayments”.
The cost of shipping the returned good shall not be returned.

IX. Personal data
1. By placing an order at the Shop, a Customer agrees to have its personal data included in silupo.com databases and processed for the purpose of executing the agreement.
For the purpose of processing an order by the Shop, a Customer is required to provide its personal data and agree on processing them. A Customer shall be held responsible for providing untrue personal data.
2. Personal data shall be protected in agreement with the Law of 29 August 1997 on the “Protection of personal data” (Journal of Laws, No. 133, item 883) so that third parties cannot access them.

X. Final provisions
1. This sales agreement is concluded between a Customer and Beauty and Lingerie Limited
2. In the meaning of Civil Code, the goods presented on the Shop’s online site shall not be recognised as an offer.
3. Any and all disputes arising from the sales agreement shall be solved by an appropriate court having jurisdiction over the registered office of the defendant or an appropriate court having jurisdiction over the place where the agreement is executed.
4. In case of matters not regulated by this Regulation, provisions of the Civil Code and provisions of the Law on the special conditions of consumer sale and the change of the Civil Code and the provisions of a Law on the protection of certain consumer rights and on the responsibility for damage caused by a dangerous product shall apply.
5. In case of Customers that are not consumers, the provisions of Section VIII of this Regulation entitled “Right of withdrawal from the contract” shall not apply.
6. This Regulation has been in force since 15 February 2013.
7. The Shop stipulates the right to change the Regulation. Any and all changes to this Regulation shall be in force from the date of being published on silupo.com site. Orders placed before the date of publishing the amended Regulation shall be processed under the provisions that were in force on the day of placing the order.

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